Lauren Evans congratulates WWU participants.

Lauren Evans of WILX congratulates WWU participants.

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2014 Winter Warm-Up Wrap-Up

Community Partners in Health concluded a successful 2014 Winter Warm-Up, a free and fun 8 week fitness campaign, on March 22at the Lansing Mall.  We CELEBRATED personal and team accomplishments, and wanted to share some highlights.   We are all working together – helping to make mid-Michigan a healthy, active place!  (A final update will be available on April 16, 2014) There were: 

  • a record number of participants, 4,878 (2013 – 2115 participants),
  • new partnerships with Andre Hutson, the Lansing and Charlotte schools that help to extend our advocacy and outreach efforts,
  • over 300 entries to the first Healthy Habits Contest (50 word essays from K-5 students), the Healthy Habits Gallery was truly impressive and inspiring.  Each author received a Health Champion ribbon from Andre Hutson and Conquest Health and Fitness.
  • improved communications with the new CPH website, generously created by Sherri McConnell and funded by Playmakers,
  • spring and summer program and park resources were shared,
  • nine healthy lifestyle champions were announced,
  • personal health and fitness winners throughout the tri-county area!

Congratulations to the top 3 community teams in the Blues Community Challenge:

  1. Team Lansing
  2. Team Charlotte
  3. Team Delhi Township

Special thanks to the Blues Community Challenge sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM).  B. J. Puchala, Senior Community Liaison presented $15,000 in grant awards among the nine community teams. The grants will support local health and fitness initiatives in our communities.

2014 Walking In Our Community Series Calendar was available.  Free monthly walks encourage community members to explore parks and trails in the tri-county area, and are led by representatives from CPH organizations, elected officials and healthy lifestyle ambassadors.  Watch for WIOC flyers or visit


Recipes for Healthy Snacks Available


There was a great turn out for the “Let’s Make Healthy Snacks” program at the Lansing Mall on February 15. There were many great snack ideas and here is a link to the recipes that people shared at the program.


11th Annual Winter Warm-Up (WWU)

January 18 – March 22


FREE 9-week program for all mid-Michigan residents designed to improve your health and fitness.

    • Encourage people to increase physical activity by raising awareness about the importance of being physically active
    • Connects people to resources and community events that promote healthy lifestyles
    • Get moving with the Blues Community Challenge Sign-up


The WWU weekly programs will be health at the Lansing Mall or locations throughout the tri-county area. Please note that the weekend days differ (one Friday, seven Saturdays, two Sundays). Check the Calendar of Events.


No pre-registration is required for Winter Warm-Up events. Simply sign-in at the event. You may also sign up or log in activity for the Blues Community Challenge.

Returning for the 4th Year:

Blues Community Challenge (BCC)


The BCC is an opportunity for individuals and 9 mid-Michigan municipalities to form teams, encouraging physical activity and healthy lifestyles.


    • Teams will compete for community awards provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
    • Team rankings are determined by the cumulative physical activity totals.
    • Participants of any age and ability are welcome, as long as they are willing to increase their physical activity.
    • All kinds of physical activity (exercise) can be counted, as long as it is above and beyond the normal activity that you engage in for daily living.

To find out more information about the Blues Community Challenge, click on the “Blues Community Challenge” tab at the top.

To sign up for the Blues Community Challenge, click on the “How to Sign Up for the BCC” tab at the top.


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